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Greek New Testament

Scholarly Bible Editions

It's one of the main targets of the German Bible Society to publish reliable and carefully edited Bible versions in the original languages. For many decades, the following editions with text critical apparatus have been used and respected worldwide:

In 1898 Eberhard Nestle published the first edition of his Novum Testamentum Graece. Nestle took the three leading scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament at that time: Tischendorf, Westcott/Hort and Weymouth as a basis. Where their textual decisions differed from each other Nestle chose for his own text the variant which was preferred by two of the editions included, while the variant of the third was put into the apparatus.

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On the initiative of the American Bible Society a committee of experts was formed in 1955 to prepare for the publication of a new edition of the Greek New Testament. Its members were Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Bruce Metzger, and Allen Wikgren. The new edition was to be specially oriented towards the needs of biblical translators.

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Comparison of the New Testament editions:

You'd like to compare NA28 and UBS5? This overview will help you to discover the differences:

Comparison of NA28 and UBS5

Page comparison

This page reproduction shows the differences between the NA28 and UBS5 in the Textual Apparatusat a glance:

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New editorial committee

In 2011 a new editorial committee has been appointed that will prepare future editions of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece as well as of the Greek New Testament.

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