Bringing the Bible to the People.

As a non-profit ecclesiastical foundation, we are committed to making the Bible accessible to everyone. We want to bring the Bible to the people – at an affordable price, in a comprehensible language, and in a form that considers the technical developments of our time. The Holy Scripture should meet people in such a way that it opens itself up to them and offers them orientation for their lives.

Our publishing activities are a focal area of our work. On behalf of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) we publish the Luther Bible. Our list spans the range from various Bible translations, such as the Luther Bible, the Gute Nachricht Bibel (comparable to the American Good News Bible), Biblical books for children and aids to understanding the Bible, all the way to professional literature and scholarly original text editions which are recognized and used around the world today. Many titles are not only published in printed form but also as digital versions.

Scientific research of the original Biblical texts is another focus of our work. In collaboration with the Institute for New Testament Text Research in Münster as well as professors from around the world, we continuously work on improving the original text editions for the Old and New Testament. Due to our longstanding support of Biblical text research we are a competent partner for all questions related to the Bible and Bible translation.

In addition, we are committed to the Bible on a worldwide scale in a strong network: as part of our Weltbibelhilfe (World Bible Aid) campaign, we raise funds for the international project work of the United Bible Societies (UBS). Within this worldwide organization of 145 national Bible societies we support the translation, production and dissemination of the Holy Scripture as many people around the globe are still waiting for the opportunity to read the Lord’s word in their own language.

And – last but not least – we coordinate missionary activities relating to the Bible in Germany. Whether we locally support the work of regional Bible societies, send a modern “BibelMobil” on the road, or develop a television program – our activities are always centered around conveying the Biblical message to people in a manner that is both profound and attractive – so that the Bible will remain the foundation.