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INTF Münster

About the Institute for New Testament Textual Research

The general task of the Münster institute is research into the textual history of the Greek New Testament and the reconstruction of its initial text. The results of our work are published in printed editions and, to an increasing degree, online.

Our main objective is the Editio Critica Maior (ECM) based on the entire tradition of the New Testament in Greek manuscripts, quotations in ancient Christian literature and old translations. However, it continues to be a distinguished task of our institute to answer the need for scholarly concise editions based on the current state of research. In the first place these are the Nestle-Aland and the UBS Greek New Testament. As publication of the ECM is proceeding, text and apparatus of the concise editions will be revised. For the coming NA28 and UBSGNT5, this applies to the Catholic Letters. At the time being we are preparing the Acts volume for the ECM.

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