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About the Online-Bibles


Read academic Bible text online

Every word matters in academic biblical research! Therefore, you should not merely be content with the first result of an Internet search for a biblical text. Our online Bibles are the official Internet editions of individual academic biblical texts. They are always the most up to date versions. This is only possible because the German Bible Society oversees these editions itself as publisher.

The following editions are currently available:

In addition, you can access the following translations:

Biblical text references on every site within can be opened in every one of these Bibles. As a registered user you can set the default edition for your searches in your User Profile. You can also set bookmarks and write notes.

Powerful Bible Software on CD-Rom

Powerful Bible Software on CD-Rom

For more intensive research, you can also get the available critical editions of the Bible with this high-performance Bible program on CD-Rom. In addtion, you will discover many more functions that are not available in the Online versions, such as:

  • Parallel colums for concurrent reading of multiple Bible versions
  • Tracking parallel texts with a simple mouse click
  • Freedom to choose font and color for the appearance of the text
  • Searching for all forms of a word by entering the basic form (Lemma Searching)
  • Easily tranferring text into your own word-processing software