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  • The Song of Solomon
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11The Song of aSongs, which is Solomon's.

1 Kgs. 4:32

The Bride Confesses Her Love


The translators have added speaker identifications based on the gender and number of the Hebrew words

2Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!

For your blove is better than wine;


3  your canointing oils are fragrant;

your dname is oil poured out;

  therefore virgins love you.

Eccles. 7:1

[Luke 7:46; John 12:3]

4eDraw me after you; flet us run.

  gThe king has brought me into his chambers.


We will hexult and rejoice in you;

  we will extol byour love more than wine;

  rightly do they love you.

[See 2 above]

Ps. 9:2; 45:15

Ps. 45:14; [2:4; John 14:2; Eph. 2:6]

Ps. 119:32; See Phil. 3:12-14

[Hos. 11:4; John 6:44; 12:32]


5I am very dark, but ilovely,

  O jdaughters of Jerusalem,

like kthe tents of lKedar,

  like the curtains of Solomon.

Isa. 60:7

Ps. 120:5

2:7; 3:5, 10; 5:8, 16; 8:4; Luke 23:28

2:14; 4:3; 6:4

6Do not gaze at me because I am dark,

  because the sun has looked upon me.

My mmother's sons were angry with me;

  they made me nkeeper of othe vineyards,

  but pmy own vineyard I have not kept!

[1 Cor. 9:27]


Job 27:18; Prov. 27:18

[Ps. 69:8]

7Tell me, you qwhom my soul loves,

  where you rpasture your flock,

  where you make it slie down at noon;

for why should I be like one who veils herself

  beside the flocks of your tcompanions?


[Isa. 13:20; Jer. 33:12]

2:16; 6:3; [Ps. 23:1-3; Ezek. 34:14]

See 3:1-4

Solomon and His Bride Delight in Each Other


8If you do not know,

  O umost beautiful among women,

follow in the tracks of the flock,

  and pasture your young goats

  beside the shepherds' tents.

5:9; 6:1

9I compare you, vmy love,

  to wa mare among Pharaoh's chariots.

[2 Chr. 1:16]

See 15

10xYour cheeks are lovely with ornaments,

  your neck with strings of jewels.

[5:13]; See Ezek. 16:11-14


11We will make for you2 ornaments of gold,

  studded with silver.

The Hebrew for you is feminine singular


12While ythe king was on his couch,

  my znard gave forth its fragrance.

4:13; [Mark 14:3; John 12:3]


13My beloved is to me a sachet of amyrrh

  that lies between my breasts.

Ps. 45:8; [John 19:39]

14My beloved is to me a cluster of bhenna blossoms

  in the vineyards of cEngedi.

1 Sam. 23:29



15dBehold, eyou are beautiful, fmy love;

  behold, you are beautiful;

  your geyes are doves.

4:1; 5:12

9; 2:2, 10, 13; 4:1, 7; 5:2; 6:4

[Ezek. 16:13]



16Behold, you are beautiful, hmy beloved, truly idelightful.

Our couch is green;

[2 Sam. 1:23, 26]


17  the beams of our house are jcedar;

  our rafters are jpine.

Isa. 37:24; 60:13; Ezek. 31:8