SBL-Greek font


To display the Greek Bible text your system uses a default unicode font. The text display will be acceptable for Windows Vista or newer operating systems. Whereas older Windows systems may show serious text display errors.

In order to provide a readable and precise display of Greek Bibletexts at we recommend you to use the open-type SBL-Greek font. This font was especially developed by the SBL-Font-Foundation for the display of Greek Bible texts. It contains all characters and special characters that are needed for scholarly Greek Bible texts. A Hebrew Font is also available.

Licensing Terms for using the SBL-Hebrew Font

The SBL-Greek font is protected by copyright law. It may be used for private and academic purposes. In spite of the free of charge private use, the distribution via internet (usage on other websites) and the use in publications is not allowed without written permission. As a member of the SBL-Font-Foundation the German Bible Society is allowed to use the font on its websites.

Read the SBL Font End User License Agreement

Download und Installation

» SBL-Greek Font for download

Installation for Windows

The downloaded has to be unzipped. Then the files have to be copied into the Windows-Font directory ((C:\Windows\Fonts). The font will be used automatically to display the Greek text at You'll find further technical information in the Font-documentation PDF-file.

Installation for Mac-OS-X

Duble-click the downloaded font-file. A new window will appear. Please click "install font" at the bottom of this window. The font will from now on automatically be used to display Greek text an You'll find further technical information in the Font-documentation PDF-file.

Installation for Linux

The SBL-Greek font can also be used for Linux systems. Please note that SBL doesn't offer support for this operating system. Please visit the SBL-Font-Forum for help.

Using the font in other software

After installation the font can also be used in other software as text processing programs. It can therefore also be used to write Hebrew text. Please note that the German Bible Society istn't able to offer support concerning the SBL-Greek font. In case of technical problems you'll find support at the SBL-Font-Foundation.