What is WiBiLex?

WiBiLex is the scholarly Internet Bible lexicon. These sites are presently developing as a project of the Germany Bible Society to become a comprehensive, freely available academic Internet lexicon about the entire Bible. Currently online are over 1000 Articles, especially referencing the Old Testament. At completion, the lexicon will contain over 3000 articles covering both the Old and New Testament.

WiBiLex distinguishes itself from other Internet lexical projects in two important points:

  • The authors of WiBiLex are scholars chosen by the publishers and have generally demonstrated their academic competence through their exceptional knowledge in their areas of expertise through their publications. This fact guarantees the quality and reliability of the articles.

  • WiBiLex is published by the German Bible Society. The whole work, as well as its individual articles, is protected by copyright law. The rights of the individual articles remain with the authors. Every usage outside of the specific boundaries of copyright law is disallowed and illegal without the the specific allowance of the author in question.

WiBiLex is published by Prof. Dr. Michaela Bauks and Prof. Dr. Klaus Koenen (Old Testament), as well as Prof. Dr. Stefan Alkier (New Testament).
Over twenty additional subject-specific publishers aid in the editorial and publication work. More than 300 scholars have already agreed to cooperate in the production of WiBiLex.