Directory of Planned Entries

Using the alphabetic register in the right-hand column, you can access the list of keywords within WiBiLex. There you will find all keywords, whether they are finished or still being planned.

Following the keywords of the Old Testament section, you will find the number of the academic discipline, which also identifies the subject publisher. The letter behind the number allows the identification of a publisher who has since discontinued his or her activity with WiBiLex.

For Authors: Keywords that could be ordered into more than discipline should be dealt with in a comprehensive manner. The ordering of a term into a specific discipline does not imply that this keyword should only be handled from the perspective of the single discipline to which is has been assigned.

Disciplines and Publishers of the OT Portion

01   Pentateuch (Michel)
       a Prof. Dr. Jan Gertz (2004-2006)
02   Historical Books (Hieke)
03   Prophetic Books (Schart)
04   Poetic Books (Witte)
05   Theology (Van Oorschot)
06   History (Kreuzer / Grätz)
07   Archaeology (Gaß)
       a Prof. Dr. W. Zwickel (2004-2009)
08   History of Religions (Bauks)
09   Egyptology (Quack / Schipper)
10   Ancient Near East (Cancik-Kirschbaum)
       a Prof. Dr. E. Cancik-Kirschbaum / Prof. Dr. Jörg Klinger (2004-2008)
       b a Prof. Dr. E. Cancik-Kirschbaum (2009)
11   Judaism (Liss)
       a Dr. Annette M. Böckler (2004-2007)
12   Interdisciplinary Topics (Koenen)

Dr. Anja Diesel (2006-2007)
Dr. Georg Freuling (2008-2009)